What We Do.

Services We Provide

CSG has been assisting clients in recovering payments and receivables since 1983. Our success is measured by our continued growth. Collecting money is not normally a core competency for most companies, but at CSG it’s what we do best. Our average collector has been with us for 10 years and has over 15 years of collections experience. Unlike other agencies, we have low employment turnover. This means that our collectors become very familiar with our clients and their files, which in turn, helps build better relationships and increase the rate of success. Our goal is to secure immediate payment in full of the entire balance due. However, as this is not always feasible, we will work with our clients and their customers to develop reasonable repayment solutions.


All settlement offers are communicated to our clients upon receipt and require client approval prior to CSG accepting. Some clients elect to give us pre-approved settlement guidelines and authority.

Payment Plans

We will negotiate a payment plan with client authorization. In the event the customer defaults on the payment plan, no further payment plans are offered without client approval. We can memorialize these payment plans in a promissory note.


The first step in handling any disputed account is to identify the nature of the dispute. If it appears that the entire balance may legitimately be in question, CSG will advise the client of the nature of the dispute and will then review the account for collection alternatives.

Early Stage Account Recovery

Our professional approach to the management of your accounts will be tailored to maximize recoveries.

Steps taken on your behalf:

  • Custom designed single or multiple notices and mailings approved by your firm at account placement and setup
  • A combination of telephone contacts during and between the notice generations. Phone attempts are always made within 24 to 48 hours. Until contact has been established, CSG will attempt to make telephone contact with the debtor no less than once per week. We will maintain contact with the debtor on an as needed basis contingent upon account status.
  • Skip tracing, asset searches (including employment and property searches) and bankruptcy reviews are completed at time of placement
  • Attorney or paralegal reviews as needed on disputed accounts

Aged Account Recovery

As accounts age it is often more efficient to allow CSG and its staff to represent your company to maximize payments.

Steps taken on your behalf:

  • CSG's telephone requests, letter demands, information searches and investigative activities are designed to bring each of these types of accounts to resolution as quickly as possible.
  • Collection may be achieved within days after receiving the account or it could extend through litigation and collection of judgments.
  • Our collectors strive to achieve payment in full of the outstanding balance. When payment in full is not possible, we walk your customers thorough options of settlements or payment plans.

The CSG Difference

  • Nationally Licensed
  • Experienced and Tenured Staff
  • Superior Client Services
  • Remote Client Access
  • Leading IT Staff
  • Proprietary Technology and Software
  • Thorough Account Scoring
  • In-house Legal Counsel
  • Operational Flexibility for Client Requirements
  • Tested and Audited Procedures
  • Nationwide Attorney Network


When all attempts to resolve an account have been exhausted and litigation becomes the only alternative, CSG will do everything possible to assist you with compiling the necessary documentation. CSG reviews accounts on an individual basis to determine the point at which litigation becomes a viable option. Our network of attorneys throughout the United States possess the collection law experience necessary to reduce the account to judgment.

When an account is forwarded to an attorney, CSG provides counsel with all available and relevant account information including: credit reports, amount and location of real estate and assets owned by the debtor, and any information regarding liens, judgments and suits against the debtor. The attorney's initial efforts will include telephone and letter demands attempting to resolve the account without suit. Should these attempts be unsuccessful, we will guide you in the decision making process in determining whether to pursue legal action against suit worthy accounts. CSG then focuses its efforts on obtaining judgment and executing (collecting) on those judgments.

Automated Collection Services

Submit Accounts Electronically

Clients have the option to submit accounts for collection via secure and confidential email in CSV or XLS formats or through our website.

Automated Workflow

Our processes are automated to ensure that all accounts are worked and audited on a regular basis.

Information Searches

CSG's proprietary software systems will continually complete automatic searches on your accounts.

The placement of new accounts triggers an automated search that will identify the existence of the following:

  • Liens and judgments which have been filed against the entity
  • Legal suits filed against the entity
  • Bankruptcy filing by the entity
  • Prior placement of account for collections with CSG

By delegating research to a specialized team, our collectors have more time to apply their expertise to expedite account resolution.

Automatic Dialer

In conjunction with our manual calls, automated calls are used to further penetrate the number of contacts per customer. The dialer is also used for special campaigns designed to fit our client's specific needs.

Blueprint for Success

Our goal is to facilitate a seamless account placement process. CSG has the capability of accepting placements in any of the following ways:

  • Via our website (www.collectcsg.com) under the "Client Access" section
  • Batch placements via Excel spreadsheet, CSV file, or text file
  • Place with us via secure and confidential email.
  • Via traditional mail services

We can also create custom placement processes to suit your needs.

In the first 24 hours of your accounts being placed with CSG:

  • A Collection Representative will review them for supporting documentation
  • Make a call to your customer
  • Send an acknowledgement report to you the client
  • Issue a letter to the customer making demand of payment

On-going efforts through the collection cycles:

  • A customized series of letters are issued to the debtor
  • Phone contact is continued until meaningful progress has been made toward collection and resolution, unless client instructions differ: a minimum of one call per week on small balances, two to three calls per week on medium balances and daily calls on large balances
  • Accounts are worked in-house for a minimum of 120 days, or as the client requires. Before an account is closed, it is reviewed by a manager to assess the account for legal action or closing. If we determine that legal action would be a viable option, we will communicate all recommendations directly to the client. The client can then determine how they want to proceed
  • Clients may design, and we can implement, any special effort which we agree will positively impact collections.

Clients can expect:

  • 24/7 access to our Remote Client Access site and ability to pull reports/analysis of their accounts
  • Client Services support for any issues or guidance
  • Monthly inventory report
  • Monthly closing report
  • Monthly remit report
  • Competitive Rates