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Community Care

At Commerical Services Group, we understand the importance of community support. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to give back and positively impact the lives of those around us. Every successful debt recovery is a win for us and a step towards creating positive change in the world. Click the images below to learn more about the charity linked.

Join us in making a difference and discover the power of financial recovery with a purpose at CSG by Caring, Sharing, and Giving!

Our Current Focus

VER exists to break cycles of poverty among Honduras’s most vulnerable. Its three Core values are to Validate, Educate, and Restore.  

A world where everyone has a decent place to live. Our principles demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ and focus on advocating for affordable housing.

Movements We Support

Leading the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, driving research, advocacy, and support for those affected by this debilitating condition.

A red cross with the text "American Red Cross" below

Delivering aid and compassion in times of crisis, empowering communities to withstand and recover from disasters both big and small.

Nourishing bodies and minds by bridging the weekend hunger gap for school children, ensuring they have the nourishment they need to thrive.

Spreading joy and comfort to children facing medical challenges through personalized care packages and acts of kindness.

Empowering single-parent families to break the cycle of poverty through education, housing, and support services, creating a pathway to brighter futures.

Jefferson House provides compassionate care and support for individuals facing challenges in their journey to recovery.

Rescuing and rehoming abandoned and neglected animals, ensuring they find loving forever homes.

Advocating for improved mental health policies, support, and awareness to empower individuals and families affected by mental illness.

Dedicated to locating and repatriating missing American service members from past conflicts, bringing closure to families and honoring their sacrifice.

Pioneering research and providing compassionate care to children battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases, ensuring families never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing, or food.

Providing refuge and recovery for individuals battling addiction, fostering healing and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Guiding formerly incarcerated individuals toward successful reintegration into society, fostering second chances and opportunities for positive transformation.

Honoring the sacrifice of first responders and military heroes by supporting their families and communities through housing and financial assistance.

VER International aims to break poverty cycles in Honduras by focusing on education, health, and entrepreneurship, guided by its core values to validate, educate, and restore.